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Because of the festival season coming up, People in India tend to shop online more. They spend than 50 million per year. Even mobile shopping has raised up to 25% since last year. Because of this many mobile numbers, credit cards numbers are shared. This personal data decodes to bucks for cyber criminals who are gearing up for the heavy traffic and increased online sales.

So how to protect your data?

Even though many stores target and Home Depot have been targets of data theft, ecommerce transactions are also susceptible to attacks. In addition, online shoppers are susceptible to scams like phishing or fraudulent websites, Man-in-the-Middle attacks, spam/phishing emails, pop-ups, social engineering outbreaks, and deceitful causes.

Once you share your information, it’s their job to protect the data that you gave them, so it’s important that you be careful who you trust with your information online. But the question arises that how do you know who to trust? How do you know if a site is genuine and if you should share your personal data to them? Here are few important points you should consider before sharing any personal data:-

First and foremost important thing you should is check whether the site is secure, for that

Check the SSL Certificate

For that, look at the URL of the website. If it begins with “https” instead of “http” it means the site is secured using an SSL Certificate. SSL Certificates secure all of your data as it is approved from your browser to the website’s server. In other words, if you bought the domain “” and requested a certificate for it, you would get the certificate because you own the domain.

 You can also tell if a site has an EV certificate by just looking at the address bar. Browsers show a green address bar with a lock icon for websites with EV certificates.

Look at the Domain

Cyber attackers sometimes create websites that imitate existing websites and try to trick people into purchasing something on or logging into their site. These sites often look exactly like the existing website. For instance, a cyber-attacker can purchase a domain which looks similar to amazon and set up a location exactly to in order to trick you by making any purchase from you. To avoid these kinds of attacks, always aspect at the domain of the site you are on. If you get an email from your bank, don’t click the link in the email. Type the domain into your browser to make sure you are connecting to the website where you offer to be.

Look for Signs that the Company Is Real

There are a few signs that you can look for to help you know if a company is real or not.

Physical address and phone number-Reputable companies list their information so you can contact them if there is a problem.

Return policy – Reputable sites list their return policy as well as their shipping policy. If you dont find these policies on their site, you probably should not purchase from them.

Prices- You could end up with knock off commodities, haggard goods, or not get anything at all.

Privacy– Reputable sites tell you how they protect your information you should make sure a site has a privacy statement and read it before you make any purchase.

If the company mention all the above mentioned thing on their site then there is a higher chance that they are a real business.

Shopping online is extremely convenient and can make finishing up your shopping list quick and easy. But falling target to an online cheat or data theft would ruin many things. I hope these simple tips and tricks help you while making an online purchase.

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